Size:  64"X 90"

First published in McCall's Quick
Quilts, this quilt has become a favorite
with stash busters! Have fun
constructing this quilt while you use up
lots of strips and scraps!

Size:  91" x 91"

This quilt was inspired by the beautiful
Cocheco Mills fabric line from Marcus
Fabrics, a reproduction line from 1882.
Other fabrics would adapt beautifully to
this simple design.

#141     PRAIRIE FIRE      
Size:  68" x 84"

That beautiful cheddar fabric brings
the fire to this quilt! Scrappy stars add
to the fun, and the dull border color
tries to tone it down just a little.
Replace the cheddar with a different
color if you wish for a totally different


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INCA GOLD # 133                 
Size: 69" x 88.5"

Ever since the first explorers came to the
American Continents there have been
stories of gold hidden by Native
Americans.  Dig for gold in your own stash
to create this dynamic quilt!


Size: 68" X 86"

Native American's wove beautiful
dream catchers to make sure their
dreams were always pleasant. Here is
your chance to do the same through
a variety of fabrics. Twenty-eight
blocks in a vertical setting and a
wonderful checkered border on top
and bottom.
Previously published in McCall's
Quilting Magazine.

OLD ELEGANCE  #142     
Size:  73" x 91"

This quilt was designed using the
Cocheco Mills IV collection of beautiful
blue and brown prints. The end result
was simply OLD ELEGANCE, in my
view! I like the continuity of the light
brown alternate blocks, and I can also
see doing the stars in various colors.
Dream up your own version of OLD


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