Faith – Hope – Love – Joy
From Marcie Patch

Finished project size: 9-1/2"

Center - Cut 20 two inch squares from a variety of scraps and sew a large
block of 16 squares.
Border – Cut 4 strips 2” x 6-1/2” from light tan fabric.(I actually tea dyed
muslin for this).
Using a light box or window, center and trace a word (Faith, Hope, Love, Joy)
on each strip. Do this with a pigma pen or mechanical pencil.
On each end of two strips, sew a 2” colored square.
Sew the two short strips on opposite sides of the block.
Sew the two longer strips on the remaining two sides.
Layer the top, cotton batting, and backing. Spray baste, if desired, or pin in
Machine quilt the center in a cross hatch pattern.
Leave the backing loose over the side strips.
Fold the loose back up and hand embroider over the lettering, using two
strands of dark brown floss. Stitch through the batting to hide the threads.
With a lighter brown floss, stitch a wavy line on each side of the lettering.
In red or dark green floss stitch little leaves or buds in a lazy daisy stitch
about 1/2” inch apart.
Smooth the backing back in place and sew a binding around the little quiltlet.
I used a 1-1/4" strip for a single fold binding.
This is a project that I
created for Christmas to
make and give to my
friends. Maybe you
would like to make it
also. I am happy to share
the directions with you.
The above lettering is Bradly Hand ITC
on my computer, size 72. You may
easily print off just the lettering on
your computer.
I am happy to share this project with you for your own
personal use. Please do not publish elsewhere
without my permission.

Merry Christmas to all!

Patchalot Patterns coyright 2006
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