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Size:  22-1/2 inch square

This pattern is provided as a gift from Patchalot Patterns to those who frequent my
blog and for those who buy my patterns! Thank you for your support and friendship!
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my consent.     
–Marcie Patch      patchalotpatterns@yahoo.com

This darling little Christmas quilt looks great with either a red or green border.
Supplies are sufficient for either.
Other color assortments will work beautifully with this design as well.

Fabric Supplies
Light background print
1/3 yard
Gold Star Centers
2-1/2" strip by width of fabric
Dark red star centers, border or binding
1/3 yard
Dark green star points, border and binding
1/3 yard
Medium green for corners
1/4 yard of FQ
Medium red for corners
1/4 yard of FQ
2/3 yard
BORDER:  Cut two 2-1/2” strips the width of the fabric from the green or red border fabric.
Trim to make four 18-1/2” strips. Cut two 2-1/4” strips the width of fabric from the opposite
color for the binding. (Red border, green binding; green border, red binding)

STARS are 6” finished, make 9 with these corner variations:
•  For quilt with red border, make five stars with medium green HST corners, and four
with medium red HST corners.

•  For quilt with green border,
make five stars with medium red HST corners and four
with green HST corners.

For HSTs) Choose one column and cut as follows:

Make half-square triangle units by drawing a line on the back of each light square.
Match each colored square to a light square, and sew 1/4” on each side of the drawn
line. Cut down the center on the drawn line, open each and press to dark.
Trim each to 2-1/2” square.
Reserve these HST corners to add to stars.

•  Cut nine 2-1/2” gold squares for the star centers and four for the border. (Total 13)
•  Cut nine 3-1/4” squares of light background fabric
•  Cut nine 3-1/4” squares of dark red print
•  Cut eighteen 3-1/4” squares of dark green print

Make quarter square triangle units for the stars.
First make HSTs as you did above. Draw a line on the back of the light squares and the red
squares. Match a green square with each of the other squares and sew 1/4" on each side of the
drawn line. Cut on the drawn line, press each open with all seams toward the green.

Cut each of these HSTs in half diagonally. Pair with half of another color combo and sew
together to make 36 Quarter-Square Units.

Construct star block:  
Lay out the block pieces with all the red segments facing the center gold square. As instructed
above, add colored HST corners to suit your border color.
Sew center row together and press seams to the center.
Sew the top and bottom rows together and press the seams out. Make nine star blocks. These
blocks should now measure  6-1/2” square.
Sew the three rows to one another and press these seams in. This enables you to rotate the
blocks to match seams.

Assemble the top:
Lay out the blocks in the appropriate order. Rotate to align seams.  Sew blocks together in rows.
Sew rows together. Press well.
Sew two plain border strips on two opposite sides. Add gold corner squares to the ends of the
two remaining border strips and sew them in place.
Simple quilting is all you need.
Bind and enjoy!

   Merry Christmas and
          Happy Hanukah!

                    Marcie Patch
For green border
For red border
Ten 3” red squares    
Eight 3" red squares
Eight 3" green squares
Ten 3" green squares
Eighteen 3" light squares
Eighteen 3" light squares